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Ainda sobre Anne Frank

Recomendo vivamente este filme, que comprei há dois ou três anos. Em 159 críticas na Amazon, 133 dão-lhe cinco estrelas, as restantes dão-lhe quatro. So many people can't be wrong.

Transcrevo esta, muito eloquente:

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5.0 out of 5 stars Our Anne, April 18, 2004
This review is from: Anne Frank - The Whole Story (DVD)
«As i write this review, this film is just finishing up, and I must say, this is one of the most moving accounts of Anne Frank that I've seen to date. We all know the story of Anne Frank, how it started, and what a complete tragic end of her life; and more importantly, what hope she brought to the world that killed her. This film is a remarkable, incredible retelling of the life of Anne Frank.

The reasons why this film soars, aboslutely soars, are numerous. First, the film tells the complete story, from before the Franks hid in the Annex, until her final days in the concentration camp. Whereas some films tend to linger solely on Anne's days in the Annex, this wider focus gives us the larger picture. Anne's time in captivity is heart wrenching; we have fallen in love with the tempestuous, darling girl and to see her solely fade away is devastating. It serves as a testament both to the millions lost, and the one girl that would write a book to change the world.

Secondly, the performances in this movie are amazing. Ben Kingsley and Brenda Blethyn lend their star-stature names to this project, and turn in performances that are real and dignified. Favorite Lili Taylor, who is one of America's most talented actressses, gives a quiet, powerful performance as Miep Gies. It's Hannah Taylor Gorden, as Anne, brings Anne to life with complexity and grace. Gordon honors Anne in every scene, never deifying the girl, but making her real, human. She even writes the way Anne did, holding the pen as Anne would have held it. That attention to detail does not go unnoticed by those of us who love Anne. It was a perfect match of actress and role.

Third, this film is visually beautiful. Often, you expect a "lower" standard of technical excellence in a television film. Rightfully so, ABC and the director, Robert Dornhelm, give this film a professional style. There are several scenes where you are just in awe, apart from the incredible story.

It was sad for me to learn that this film was not endorsed by the Anne Frank Foundation, because the film was based on a biography not approved by the foundation. Whereas I think its important to have the Foundation so Anne's life can be told in a honest way, they should have seen the film before making a judgment. This movie is a beautiful testament to a beautiful life, and it should be free from any political wranglings like this.

By the final scene, when Miep gives Otto Frank his daughter's diary, and he travels back into the Annex to look at it, my heart was breaking. Anne didn't live to see the effect she'd have on the world, but I think for all of us, we have adopted Anne as our own daughter or sister. She belongs to the world now, and we are responsible to take care of her, to make sure her story is told generation after generation, to honor her life by ensuring nothing like this ever happens in history again.»

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  1. Já vi o filme. Antes de vir aqui deixar este comentário estive e reler os outros post sobre a Anne Frank. Também tento ver ou ler tudo quanto possa sobre o assunto, daí ter ficado interessada nos livros aqui referidos.

    Comentei no outro post que li há alguns anos um livro (seria biografia?) da Miep Gies. Também foi interessante ler o ponto de vista de quem estava no exterior a ajudá-los.

  2. Maariah, também eu tento ler e ver tudo sobre o assunto.
    Ainda não li o livro de Miep Gies, que continua no meu carrinho de compras. Julgo que é mais um livro de memórias, com especial incidência em tudo o que se relacionou com a família Frank.
    No notável Anne Frank Remembered ela é uma das entrevistadas e tem diversas intervenções. Uma delas, muito comovente, é o encontro com o filho do Dr. Dussel (nome de ficção que Anne lhe deu), que tinha sido enviado para Londres no princípio da guerra e não voltou a ver o pai. Diz-nos o documentário que morreu três meses depois daquele encontro, em que pôde agradecer tudo o que tinham feito pelo pai.

    Miep morreu no ano passado, com 100 anos.